Lichenological literature available in PDF

33472  Nguyen T. (2021): A new hopane derivative from the lichen Dirinaria applanata ... 11:15:10
33471  Retallack G. (2021): Zebra rock and other Ediacaran paleosols from Western Australia ... 10:57:28
33470  Gül Ü. (2021): Determination of dye biosorption capacity of lichens and reusability of... 10:50:16
33469  Karim S. (2021): A checklist of lichens from Iraq, with four new records... 08:30:34
33468  Slimani A. (2020): Lasallia pustulata (L.) Mérat, a new species for the lichen... 08:10:54
28244  Spake R. (2015): A meta-analysis of functional group responses to forest recovery outside... 08:53:51

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