Lichenological literature available in PDF

29342  Nowak P. (2018): Bound water behavior in Cetraria aculeata thalli during freezing ... 12:13:07
29341  Favero-Longo S. (2018): Diversity and functional traits of lichens in ultramafic areas: a... 12:02:03
29340  Kushnevskaya H. (2018): Presence of bark influences the succession of cryptogamic wood-inhabiting communities... 11:26:10
29339  Shi H. (2018): Three new species and one new combination of Gypsoplaca (lichenized... 11:08:46
29338  Ellis C. (2018): Quantifying the anthropocene loss of bioindicators for an early industrial region: an equitable baseline for biodiversity... 11:00:27
29337  Rola K. (2018): Data on cryptogamic biota in relation to heavy metal concentrations... 09:39:44
29336  Banchi E. (2018): Relation between water status and desiccation-affected genes in the lichen... 09:33:17
29335  Ćujić M. (2018): Assessment of dose rate to terrestrial biota in the area... 09:24:52
29334  Alcalá-Reygosa J. (2018): Dating late Holocene lava flows in Pico de Orizaba (Mexico)... 09:19:05
29333  Alfaro F. (2018): Exclusion of small mammals and lagomorphs invasion interact with human-trampling... 09:11:00
29332  Miralles I. (2018): Soil CO2 exchange controlled by the interaction of biocrust successional... 09:04:45
29331  Kakeh J. (2018): Effects of biological soil crusts on some physicochemical characteristics of... 08:59:19
29330  Widhelm T. (2018): Oligocene origin and drivers of diversification in the genus Sticta... 08:54:41
29329  Mallik A. (2018): Lichen mated seedbeds inhibit while moss dominated seedbeds facilitate black... 08:38:31
29328  Potter C. (2018): Imaging analysis of biological soil crusts to understand surface heating... 08:33:59

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